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MixCon is the free, educational event about mixing conceived and organized by gear blogs SonicScoop and Delicious Audio.

Keeping Mixcon 100% Virtual (at least for now)

Although MixCon has always featured a powerful in-person component in prior years, for the vast majority of those who experience it, MixCon has always been an online event! 

That’s where hundreds of thousands of producers, engineers, musicians and audio obsessives have viewed the MixCon presentations before 2020: From the comfort of their homes and mobile devices.

There are clear advantages to organizing this event—the world’s only convention that’s all about music mixing—100% online for 2022. This is especially the case for our “Mix Walkthrough” and “Product Workshop” formats. Here are a few of them:

  1. The ability to draw on a potentially larger live streaming audience.
  2. An ever more intimate video experience, directly from the producers’ studios.
  3. A more affordable event for the participating sponsors.

Since the online format doesn’t force us to stick to a strict two-day schedule, we have decided to allocate an entire day for each Sponsored Mix Walkthrough, for a whole Month (or more) of MixCon content!

This keeps with the successful strategy we have employed for past MixCon video releases and allows us more time to promote each of the presentations without oversaturating our followers with excessive content, like in so many other virtual conventions.

The MixCon Organizers

Ronald Prent: MixCon 2022 Mixing Masterclass

A MixCon 2022 Mix Walkthrough Sponsored By PSPaudioware

Video Premiere Date: Today, October 17, at 2 pm ET

Watch the presentation on YouTube for live comments.

Don’t miss the Live Q&A with Ronald right after the presentation:

A GRAMMY Award nominee for Best Immersive Audio Album, in the course of his remarkable career Ronald Prent has worked with artists of the caliber of Celine Dion, Freddie Mercury, Dire Straits, The Police, Simple Minds, Rammstein, The Scorpions, Elton John, Cliff Richard, and Tina Turner, to mention just a few.

In the last decade he’s been specializing in surround sound and immersive audio, contributing to the development of new technologies in this field to make it available in the consumer market.